8 Secret Tips: How to Get Traffic from Quora in 2022

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How to Get Traffic from Quora in 2022? No wasting time here, you’ll just get secrets revealed. In this article, I will explain how to get traffic from Quora. Imagine getting more than 50k content views on your Quora profile every month. This is massive as it will get you a lot of traffic to your links. You can make it true with my 8 Tips for how to get traffic from Quora.

Why Quora?

There are tons of reasons to choose Quora as a main source of the traffic to my site, and these are the top ones:

➡It is the most popular questions and answers website in the world.

➡Some people ask questions of different niches while others answer them.

➡You can publish posts, images, videos, articles or any content you want.

➡It has more than 1 Billion views per month.

I guess the above reasons are enough to promote your business website or blog and get traffic and better ranking as well.

How to Get Traffic From Quora?

Now, I am going to share with you some methods to get traffic from Quora, but make sure to work consistently, be patient and don’t put tons of links everyday to avoid being banned from the platform.

If you provide real value and work hard, you will get hundreds and even thousands of visitors to your site.

Here are the 8 tips to get traffic from Quora:

Tip 1: Question Research

Don’t just answer the questions that come your way randomly.

If your site is about affiliate marketing and you answered a question about cooking then where is the good thing you’ve done?

Type your niche in the search box to get questions related to your topic.

You’ll get questions with different numbers of followers. Try to answer the questions with a high number of followers, then go and answer a few new questions, so you get a lot of chances to be seen by the old followers of a question and new people.

Just Moderate your time, and mix things up!

Tip 2: Create Answer Templates

When you open a question in Quora to answer it, you see a few related questions on the right.

These are other questions asking for the same thing. To answer more questions in less time, you can create some answer templates then answer all these repeated questions with the same answer and just change a few words.

Tip 3: Questions SEO

Do you know SEO and rankings? If not, read this guide about SEO for beginners.

Have you seen a question on Quora ranking in Google before? Actually, this happens a lot, and putting answers to any of these questions helps you get free, organic views to your answer from Google.

Tip 4: Answer Format

The format of your answer must be attractive to grab the people’s attention, so pay attention to:

Punctuation and grammatical mistakes. You can use Grammarly to write better.

Value is given with your answer.

Images that attract users. You can use Canva to create such amazing images and start for free.

Tip 5: Adding Links

The goal of this article is to get traffic from Quora, but you can’t add links here and there in every answer and every post. This will get a ban from the whole platform.

You should sign up, and answer 5 questions everyday without links for a week. Then, you can start posting once or twice a week.

However, you can’t post affiliate links directly but use a landing page or your website. If you don’t have a website yet, watch this video to learn how to start your own blog.

Tip 6: BIO

Users only trust people with professional profiles with a profile picture, a small bio introducing themselves, and more

Therefore, you should make sure to create a professional Bio for. your Quora account.

Tip 7: Quora Spaces

You must have seen Facebook groups. Quora has something related called Quora spaces.

Participate in spaces so your answers get a lot of views mediately.

Create your own space, publish info and attract people

Here is our space on Quora which is related to H-educate.

Tip 8: Stat Analysis

As we always say, analysing results helps you optimise your effort and get better ones. Therefore, you should keep your eyes on your stats.

Go to your stats and see which ones are getting more views and upvotes then answer similar ones.

Moreover, you can try to figure out what is special with the viewed answers to create templates of the same style.

You can watch this video on how we got 2 conversions in under 48 hours from Quora.

Credit: H-Educate

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