Top 55 YouTube Channels That Will Make You Smarter

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Top YouTube Channels: Time is finite. Social media and Netflix can all too easily swallow our precious hours. So why not put them to better use on YouTube beyond the music and viral and gaming videos YouTube has many great channels that can teach anyone practically anything here the sharpest brains, press play, and become smarter.

1.     Vsauce – has amazing answers to questions about our world.

2.     Kurzgesagt In a Nutshell – animations that make learning beautiful.

3.     C. G. P. Grey – entertaining explanations of politics, geography, and culture.

4.     Crash Course – bite-sized science and learning across many subjects.

5.     Scishow – indispensable, science, news, history, and concepts.

6.     HowStuffWorks – Your daily curiosity dossier that explains the world.

7.      Brit lab – Smartass ammunition, that’s guaranteed to a sound

8.     THNKR  – people stories and ideas that change perspectives,

9.     MinutePhysics – simple explanations of physics and other sciences,

10.  MinuteEarth – science, and stories about our awesome planet,

11.  Veritasium – science and engineering videos by Derek Muller

12.  Numberphile – that sums up all things: numerical

13.  SmarterEveryDay – exploring the world of science

14.  Periodic Videos – videos of each element and other chemistry stuff

15.  Sixty Symbols – sixty symbols of physics and astronomy, the cornucopia of cool

16.  AsapSCIENCE – weekly doses of fun and intriguing science clips

17.  It’s Okay To Be Smart  – We agree

18.  PatrickJMT  – straight to the point: maths, know-how,

19.  Bozeman Science  – a popular high school teacher explains the science,

20.  Computerphile – an array of computing and tech videos,

21.  The Game Theorists  – analyzing video games,

22.  Extra Credits – a video game designed to start your Development career,

23.  The New Boston – tons of great web development, and tutorials to expand your mind.

24.  The School of Life – ideas for life through many lenses

25.  BrainCraft  – videos on psychology and neuroscience

26.  Wisecrack - learn with witty sketches

27.  PBS Idea Channel –  a cultural critique of pop technology and art

28.  Philosophy Tube  – Oliver Leonard gives away a philosophy degree to inspire your creativity

29.  Mark Crilley – how to draw videos on almost every topic you can imagine

30.  Draw With Jazza – tutorials on all forms of visual expression

31.  JustinGuitar – courses for various styles techniques, and abilities

32.  HDpiano  –  Learn to play the piano with easy-to-follow tutorials

33.  Every Frame a Painting – top-notch and truly fascinating analysis of film

34.  Photo Exposed  – photography, tips, techniques, and tutorials.

35.  The Art Assignment – artists, talks, and challenging assignments.

36.  Film Riot  – is a how-to trip through all aspects of filmmaking

37.  Earth Unplugged – a BBC-produced channel about the natural world

38.  BBC Earth – jump in and meet your planet

39.  The Brain Scoop – a private tour of the Field Museum in Chicago

40.  outlearn – the open University’s rich and engaging Learning Channel.

41.  The RSA – the Royal Society of Arts, sets new standards in its field.

42.  TED Talks – no list would be complete without Ted’s main collection

43.  TED-Ed  – carefully curated and crafted educational videos and animations

44.  Smithsonian – The mighty institute explores the grand questions

45.  Big Think – exploring big ideas that define knowledge in the 21st century

46.  The Royal Institution – films, and lectures about the natural world.

47.  Gresham College – liberally delivers knowledge through top lectures.

48.  Crash Course Kids – for fifth-grade scientists, engineers, and astronomers

49.  SciShow Kids – experiments experts and answers for kids aged 8 to 88

50.  HooplaKidz – arts and crafts for little ones.

51.  Sexplanations - honest answers about sexuality by Lindsey Doe

52.  Healthcare Triage – answering about medicine and healthcare

53.  Kenhub – An engaging and different way to learn Human anatomy

54.  Vi Hart – a recreational mass musician like no other

55.  ElectroBOOM – successfully discovering the craziness and engineering

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