5 Ways to Boost Your Attraction Level – Sex Secret!

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TestoUltra: If you want to be more attractive to women – so you can ‘get laid’ more often (or even just start having more conversations, and going on more dates), read this list carefully:

3 Terrible “Attraction Destroyers” – Avoid at All Costs…

1. Take Better Care of Your Body

Being ‘in shape’ tells a woman A LOT…

It tells her your fit and healthy… good mating material… likely to produce healthy offspring… probably capable of showing her a good time in the bedroom…

And, of course, it makes you EASY on the eye.

So, eat well, and workout a few times a week.

When you do, it makes attracting women so much easier.

2. Smile More

Nervous, insecure people tend to look at the floor a lot…

And, they don’t tend to smile very much.

Women are drawn to CONFIDENT men – so practice one of the hallmarks of a confident man. Look up (not down), smile more, and learn to feel comfortable in your own skin (which, by the way, is a lot easier if you practice point 1 on this list! 😉

When you smile, you look warm and friendly. You look like you’re enjoying life. You seem like a Man who might actually be FUN to spend time with.

All of which increases your Status, and your chances of bagging (and BANGING 😉 the kind of women you really want.

3. Practice “Manspreading”

“Manspreading” is a word created by radical feminists to explain when a man is sat with his legs open. Naturally, they hate this (in fact, they hate men, but that’s a story for another day).

Anyhow, guess what?

When you sit with your legs OPEN, as a man, it can be very attractive to a woman. It makes you appear confident, and sure of yourself (things good women – not radical feminists – actually WANT a man to be).

4. Include more Healthy Fats in Your Diet…

Healthy Fats – like those found in Wild Alaskan Salmon, Egg Yolks, Avocados, Nuts, Seeds, Coconut Oil and Grass Fed Organic Beef are necessary for Testosterone Production.

As you probably know – high testosterone is necessary for confidence, energy, drive, sexual desire, erection quality and more…

The case is clear then…

Avoiding fats, or eating a low fat diet (like many stupid Doctors recommend) is a BAD IDEA if you’re a MAN who wants healthy T-Levels and plenty of interest from HOT women.

You just have to be selective, and choose “Good Fats” (like the ones listed above), and avoid “Bad Fats” (like those found in junk food, desserts, fast food and so on).

5. Change Your Soap/Cleanser (do not ignore)

This is an interesting one…

Regular Soaps and Shower Gels contain a myriad of ingredients that aren’t very healthy. Toxic even. (You know this to be true because you can’t pronounce half the ingredients on the label! 😉


Many of these ingredients in regular soaps and shower gels literally WASH AWAY your Pheromones!

Think about that…

Every time you shower or bathe, and use regular Soap or Shower Gel, you’re washing away dirt and grime from the day (which is good), however…

You’re also washing away your Pheromones – the “Attraction Chemicals” nature endows you with (which is very bad, assuming you want to enjoy more success with women).

Here’s the Good News:

You don’t have to stop showering/bathing if you want to maintain your Natural Pheromones and enjoy more attraction and success with women

You can actually IMPROVE your Pheromones and level of Attraction and Status, while you’re in the shower (simply by ditching your regular soap/shower gel and using THIS instead)

To discover exactly how to improve the quality of your Pheromones while you shower, as opposed to ‘washing them away’ like most guys do – click here now

And, I’ll talk to you soon…

To your health,


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