Statins And Diabetes

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Diabetes is a relatively common disease that affects millions of people. If the ability to create and respond to insulin is impaired, it is said that people are diabetes. This does not allow the body to process food for energy in the normal way. The lack of insulin or misuse of the body causes the height glucose level and the unusual metabolism of carbohydrates. This article describes both status and diabetes, both diabetes and how to support a healthy life in diabetes.

Type of diabetes
Diabetes is typically divided into two types. Type 1 and type 2 diabetes are sometimes called insulin -dependent, which are sometimes called young diabetes. This form of this disease may develop at all ages. However, in most cases, they offer themselves before people reach adults. Type 1 is the most common type of two types because it accounts for only 5 % to 10 % of the total diagnosed cases.

The danger factors of type 1 diabetes are genetic and family history. For example, those who have a disease and siblings are more likely to develop it. Some studies also show that autoimmune factors could lead to type 1 diabetes.

Some autoimmune diseases that can potentially increase the risk of diabetes are as follows:
Thyroid disease

Adison’s disease


Celiaac disease

Type 2 diabetes is also known as non -insulin -dependent or adult diabetes. Most diabetic patients have Type 2. In fact, estimated values ​​indicate that about 90 % of diabetes cases are classified as type 2.

The following is the following dangerous factors.
Elderly age


History of pregnancy diabetes

History of diabetes family

Resistance to glucose

Lack of regular exercise

In addition to the above -mentioned danger factors, specific races and ethnic groups are more likely to develop diabetes. If you are a black American, Latin American, Native Americans, or Asian Americans, you may be very likely to develop two diabetes.

At a small rate of pregnancy cases, women develop diabetes. This form of this disease is called pregnancy diabetes, typically collapsed at the end of pregnancy. However, in some cases, women who develop diabetes during pregnancy develop diabetes in their lives. Pregnant diabetes tends to occur more frequently in Hispanics, Black, Asians and American Indians. It is also likely to appear in people who have a family history of diabetes.

At a very small rate of cases, people obtain diabetes as a result of infection, surgery or genetic disorders. Metropolitan malfunction also occupies a decimal case.

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Diabetes symptoms
The warning sign is calm and almost unistable for diabetic patients. In fact, some diabetic patients do not know that they have a disease until they are treated for another health concern. This is especially the case for many type 2 diabetes. However, in type 1 diabetes, the symptoms tend to be serious and may occur suddenly.

The signs of diabetes to search are:


Frequent urination

Fatigue and weakness


Dry mouth

Itchy skin

Slow pain and cut to heal

Yeast infection

Numbness of the legs and legs

Foot and leg pain

The above symptoms most frequently occur at early onset of disease and are particularly popular in type 2 diabetes patients. Type 1 diabetes patients can experience loss of unknown cause. This weight loss may occur even with people who have not changed exercise and diet. Weight loss is the result that the body does not get enough energy from the food. Thus, the body burns fat and muscles, which results in weight loss.

Type 1 diabetes patients are susceptible to both vomiting and nausea. This is caused by a process that burns fat. If fat is burned, diabetes can develop ketones. Ketone is a chemical made of human liver. Everyone has them. However, in diabetes patients, if many ketones are produced, they can not use them for fuel in the manner they are assumed. Thereby, the sense of diabetes deteriorates and vomits. In the worst case scenario, too many ketones may become fatal.

People ketone levels can be monitored at home using blood tests or urine tests. These test devices can be purchased on the counter. Both tests are, of course, also given in the doctor’s office. The patient should check him or her ketone level when it is pregnant and also sometimes injured or feels sick. Blood glucose levels greater than 250 mg / dl also show that people may have high levels of ketones, thus the ketone levels should be checked regularly.

What is a statin?
Statin and diabetes: statins are specific types of drugs formulated to treat patients with high levels of LDL cholesterol, and are also known as harmful or “bad” cholesterol. LDL is considered a bad cholesterol to deposit fat residues on the arterial wall of the brain and the heart. The artery can be blocked as these fat deposits accumulate. Occasional occlusion can lead to stroke and heart attack, but both may be fatal. In statin and diabetes, statin functions by blocking the substance in the liver used to produce LDL cholesterol. With great statins and diabetes, statins benefit from high cholesterol patients by lowering LDL cholesterol.

In addition to reducing the risk of suffering from stroke or heart attack of patients, statins are also useful in the following methods.
Heart attack, statin, diabetes

Reduce the risk of developing thrombosis

Improve and strengthen the lining of the blood vessel

Stands play many important functions in the body, but FDA (Food and Drug Bureau) has recently been warned to seasoned patients with diabetic patients. Although the use of statins and diabetes is helped, FDA has warned that the use of statins could increase the risk of developing diabetes type 2. cholesterol. However, if the patient has a history of heart troubles or suffering from heart disease, it may require a tacttatin for danger, regardless of the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Who should take a statin medicine?
All patients with heart problems need to take statins. According to some heart experts, there are several groups that can benefit from statins. The first group includes those that are exposed to cardiovascular disease but have not developed. The second group, which may benefit from statins, is the high risk of cardiac attacks and has a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. All smokers, hypertension, diabetes and / or high cholesterol are classified into this second group.

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